XI: BACK ON STAGE 23-11-2003

X: ANS X 06-04-2003

IX: A Dutch Treat 19-05-2002

VIII: Global Music 04-11-2001

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VI: Scores (1) 15/19-01-2001

V: Ambient Counterpoint 02-10-2000

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III: Down Under 06-03-2000

II: 2nd Edition 31-01-2000

I: Premiere 17-05-1999


On sunday november 23rd, the eleventh edition of A New Stage, "Back on Stage" will be on air in Supplement on Radio 4 in The Netherlands. It is probably the last edition, since MP3.com will cease to be in its current form on december 2nd. The largest collection of free music will be removed from the servers: almost all links provided here on this site will be broken as well from that day on. There appears to be no such thing as a free lunch, even when the food is free...

Interesting new sites after december 2nd are:

IC Musicmedia

Maybe A New Stage continues from there...

The Internet and MP3 combined created a giant new stage for musicians and composers, as well as a very important new stage in music industry.

Since 1999, NPS Radio in the Netherlands has aired several broadcasts with the new and exciting music that is only made available on the Internet.

These pictures will guide you to more information and links to all musicians and composers involved in those broadcasts for Radio 4, based on the music presented on MP3.com.

Please use the pictures and portraits there to get to the sites of the selected musicians and composers on MP3.com, and consider buying their music on CD as well.

From the first broadcasts you may find a link at the bottom of the page to a station at MP3.com, containing as much of the playlist from the broadcast as possible. Since there is a constant change in what musicians are offering online, it appeared to be impossible to maintain this service, however.

At the bottom of this page, you will find some other information (most of it in Dutch) about A New Stage and MP3 in general.

Feel free to react and thank you for visiting.

Marc Wielaert, 23/11/2003.

Background information:

over MP3 [in Dutch]

onderweg [in Dutch]

about a new stage

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Netherlands Programme Service [NPS]