About a New Stage

A New Stage is the title of a project started in the second half of 1998 for Supplement, a programme by NPS Radio about new music on Dutch public radio. MP3 was of course already an issue, although not as hot as it is nowadays. I was looking for musicians (amateur as well as professional) that used MP3 to spread there own music worldwide on the Internet, without the interference of publishers or record-companies.

MP3.com appeared to be a musical goldmine that not many people at public radiostations seemed to know or even care about. However, the combination of the Internet and the MP3-compression technique has created a "third stream" of new music - apart from the official releases and concert-recordings. Quite unexpected, a giant new stage was created, for musicians, composers and music lovers. I'm surprised that no other public radiostation in the world seems to pay any attention to all the exciting new music which is no more than just a mouseclick away.

Radio used to be the greatest stage for music, and although the Internet already has made extremely important changes in music industry, radio in a way still is. MP3.com also offers the possibility to create your own station (and all the artists are usually featured in several of those stations) but not much seems to compare to a broadcast on the grandfather of media. All composers and musicians I asked for permission to broadcast their music on the Dutch public channel Radio 4, were very happy to give their permission. And I'm still very grateful for their enthusiasm and cooperation, without which this series of programmes could never have been made.

Why my focus on MP3.com? Because it has one of the biggest collections of music on the Internet. Because it is extremely easy to contact all composers and musicians who present themselves there. And because it offers the possibility to create a station on the site itself, through which, after the initial broadcast, I keep presenting the selected music. On every page on this site, you will find links to the composers and musicians presented in A New Stage. Please visit their own sites from there - and please support them by buying their music if you like it.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will enjoy the music.

Marc Wielaert, december 2000

A New Stage in press:
NRC Handelsblad 17/05/1999
NRC Handelsblad 28/09/2000

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