Second Edition January 31, 200099

For the second edition of A New Stage the focus was more on jazz and world music, but A New Stage is not really complete without some electronic, experimental or just wonderful weird music. Like the first one, this broadcast offered four hours of fine new music, that would have been practically impossible to find without the Internet. The selection is not as diverse as in the first edition, but nevertheless: here are 33 musicians and composers that are more than good enough to try (and of course, you have heard of at least one of them):

FirQ.jpg - 2104 Bytes The Final Word.jpg - 11795 Bytes lost time accident.jpg - 12016 Bytes Control Group 1.jpg - 2237 Bytes Jean Burgess.jpg - 14912 Bytes MP3com.jpg - 1135 Bytes Bugs.jpg - 27121 Bytes Mark Ferguson.jpg - 9377 Bytes shadowpup.jpg - 69509 Bytes Unamunos Quorum.jpg - 47425 Bytes

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