Viewer Email (1) September 4, 2000

After three broadcasts, I received more and more e-mail of composers and musicians who really liked my stations at MP3.com - how else would they have known about the programs that could only be heard in The Netherlands? A lot of those emails asked for inclusion, but I only work one way: it's presented in a station if it's used in a broadcast. So for a contribution to another Supplement broadcast, I checked all my "Viewer Email" again and listened to the most diverse bands and composers MP3.com has to offer - not guided by my musical instincts or interest, but by the e-mail I had received in just about a year. I selected several pieces of the musicians below. And by the way: a second edition of Viewer Email can be heard on Dutch national radio on april 9th, 2001.

Discord Aggregate.jpg - 23560 Bytes Lavrenty Mganga.jpg - 19692 Bytes Silverman.jpg - 10011 Bytes Chris Mason-Battley Group.jpg - 5686 Bytes

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