Ambient Counterpoint October 2, 2000

A mind-bending soundtrip is what I had in mind for this edition of A New Stage. Beautiful ambient music, contrasted with (of course) experimental electronic music and soundscapes. It appeared to be a very popular genre on MP3.com, and the quality offered is absolutely impressive. I even produced a promotional CD for this broadcast and was very happy that all musicians and composers involved gave me permission to do so. Almost four hours of non-stop nicely floating music and sounds have left me and my listeners wondering where we actually were around midnight, after the broadcast. When you decide to listen to the "radio version" of this broadcast through my station at MP3.com (below), you will get even more than four hours of very fine music and meditation.

Liquid Morphine.jpg - 3374 Bytes Jeff Harrington.jpg - 10595 Bytes Dave Stafford.jpg - 26201 Bytes Obscurio.jpg - 16726 Bytes Farfield.jpg - 2191 Bytes Peter Schaefer.jpg - 72046 Bytes David Hayden.jpg - 20289 Bytes Sean Kelly.jpg - 16260 Bytes Intonarumori.jpg - 22870 Bytes Umlaut.jpg - 49405 Bytes Dither.jpg - 11596 Bytes Zero Ohms.jpg - 17364 Bytes Giles Reaves.jpg - 22910 Bytes deeplab audioscapes.jpg - 5737 Bytes Dogsounds.jpg - 9494 Bytes Todd Gerber.jpg - 53189 Bytes Twine.jpg - 23661 Bytes TunnelSinger.jpg - 5643 Bytes Dreamstate.jpg - 75118 Bytes Steve Roach.jpg - 2892 Bytes Kit Watkins.jpg - 49288 Bytes

Background information:

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