Ambient Counterpoint October 2, 2000

For the first time, A New Stage is completely devoted to contemporary instrumental music. In this case, not only the quality of the composition is important, but also the quality of the musicians, their instruments, the recording of the performance and even the acoustics are absolutly essential. With only two exceptions, the composers I found present themselves on MP3.com with their own portraits. I took the liberty of using those pictures to create a link to their sites on MP3.com - please, visit their own sites (if available) from there. Again, through my station on MP3.com (see below), one can find the selected compositions. I was very happy to receive permission from all the composers I wanted to broadcast in this special edition of A New Stage, which this time was not made for Supplement, but for NPS Thema (which has caused some confusion amongst a few of my colleagues, who -after some hesitation- have become quite fond of A New Stage as well ;-) I am proud to present the following composers and their selected compositions.

Sean Varah
"Idioma" (for piano and tape)
"Aria" (for cello and tape)

Elliott Miles McKinley
"Symphony for Four Players"
"April (a meditation for orchestra)"

Charles Griffin
"The Persistence of Past Chemistries"
"Panta Rei"

Steven Yi
"When Remembering Childhood"

William Thomas McKinley
"Goin' Home with Antonin Dvorak"
"Poems of Pablo Neruda"
"Tango, Intermezzo and Dance"
"Dallas 1963"

Lansing McLoskey
"Glaze I"
"Chanson pour Cordes"
"Family Portrait"
"Star Chamber"
"Non avrÓ ma' pietÓ"

Maria Newman
"Le Petit Duel"
"Deceptio Visus"

Amos Elkana
"Ru'ach Quintet"

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz
"Into the Morning Rain"

Jeff Harrington
"Acid Bach II"

Robert Stine
"Veiled Dream"

David Drexler
"Devil's Lake"

Anthony Joseph Lanman
"Fantasy for Mallet Percussion"

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