Viewer Email (2) April 9, 2001

After six broadcasts, I received a lot of e-mail by musicians and composers who came across my stations at MP3.com. Most of them wanted to be included in these stations, and the ones I asked for permission to broadcast their music on Dutch public radio were thrilled. By the way: I only include music that is used in a broadcast.
For the seventh edition of A New Stage in a NPS/VPRO broadcast of Supplement, I was delighted to listen to a lot of music I probably would not have found otherwise. Also, I checked the new compositions of all those featured in the 4th edition of A New Stage (the first broadcast based on Viewer E-mail). I have included a lot of their music in this edition, since their musical development appeared to be very impressive.

Besides, during the broadcast I'll give quite some information about the several players that are now available to listen to MP3 anywhere you like. That's in Dutch of course - don't let it bother you if you don't speak the language, I will try to get that information on this site as soon as possible.

The broadcast will take place on April 9th, 2001, from 20:02 - 00:00 at GMT+1, and can be heard live on the internet as well. This is the link to the live-feed (Windows Media Player required). Please, tune in, wherever you are.

Again, I enjoyed it very much to discover all this wonderful, moving, relaxing, exciting or just quite strange music. Please, visit the sites of all these composers and bands on MP3.com (the pictures will take you there) and check out my seventh station at MP3.com as well, to discover the music yourself. You'll find the links below.

Background information:

Listen to the music from the broadcast