Global Music 04-11-2001

Following our live-broadcast from the Music Meeting in Nijmegen, the eighth edition of A New Stage is dedicated to worldmusic. The music was selected in a few days from the vast amount MP3.com has to offer. The range is very wide: field-recordings on one hand, pop music from other cultures on the other - it's a (nice) coincidence that a lot of the music selected has it's roots in Senegal.

And please, visit the sites of all these composers and musicians on MP3.com as well (the links in the playlist below will take you there) and download or - even better - order their music from there.

Malang Cissokho - Ngone (5'29")
Abysis Projects - Tarana (14'11")
Village Djembe Drumming - Linjin (5'01")
Okapi Guitars - Jaliman (4'24")
Za'atar - Lama Bada (1'11")
Irina - Laya (7'03")
Li Li - Sadley Song (1'50")
Indian Music Collective - Neelam - Sirk Edit (9'07")
Ikarus - Praying to different Gods 4'52")
Samba Traore - Fin San (8'53")
Malang Cissokho - Mamala (6'22")
Abysis Projects - The call of the Sufi (13'23")
Maroccan Music Various Artists - Sword Dance (4'43")
Tidiane et les Dieuf Dieul - Salimata (4'49")
Ikarus - River (4'29")
Samba Traore - Dali (6'20")
Irina - Belibi (5'10")
Indian Music Collective - Sirkles (6'00") Bamana Djembe - Take (7'23")
Mor Thiam - Sangare (4'28")
Malang Cissokho - Foroya (5'59")
WildGoddess - Quiet (The Sea Island Mix) (3'29")

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