Back on stage November 23, 2003

On sunday november 23rd, the eleventh edition of A New Stage, "Back on Stage" will be on air in Supplement on Radio 4 in The Netherlands, from 21:30 till 00:00 hours.

It will probably be the last edition of A New Stage, since MP3.com will cease to be in its current form on december 2nd, this year.

The largest collection of free music will be removed from the servers: almost all links provided here on this site will be broken as well from that day on. There really appears to be no such thing as a free lunch, even when the ingredients are free…

Below, you will find the playlist with the approximate time of broadcast, which might come in handy when listening to the broadcast on the radio or the internet. If you look for the MP3’s themselves, you have until december 2nd to download them from www.mp3.com. After that, the party is over.

It was great fun to be part of this new stage in music industry. Maybe some other site will prove to be just as good a stage for new music. It ain’t over ‘till the fat lady sings.

Thank you for your kind attention and especially to all musicians, bands and composers: music is the best. Thank you.

Marc Wielaert
NPS Radio
The Netherlands

21:30’00” David Hayden: Breath
21:30’32” Steve Roach: Turn to Light
21:34’31” Alex Brofsky (AB+): Not Yet
21:37’18” Matthew Florianz & Erik T'Sas: Outtake from the album Molenstraat
21:41’56” Deeplab Audioscapes: E-one
21:49’36” Felema: Z+X=M
21:56’13” Steve Roach: Piece of Infinity
22:01’59” Loren Nerell: Bamboo Iron Resin Bronze
22:08’11” Dave’s Tune: Taontown Lowdown
22:46’35” Steve Roach: The Current Below
22:31’26” Ikarus: Ancient Lullaby
22:24’43” DreamSTATE: Flying Air Nia
22:58’36” Peter Schaeffer: Glider
22:34’26” Twine: Theatre
22:40’08” Dave Manley and Deep PM: Moon Sign
22:44’44” Felema: The Heart of a Swallow is Fuller than the Stomach of a Sow
22:51’02” David Van Tieghem: The Crucible Suite
22:56’13” Steve Roach: Live in San Francisco
22:29’26” Blue Train: Outer Zone
23:06’55” Alex Brofsky (AB+): Underside
23:10’11” Deeplab Audioscapes: Upuaut
23:20’20” Ikarus: Moments of Peace
23:23’40” DreamSTATE: Floating and Dreaming
23:35’20” Steve Roach: Dream Body
23:40’40” Silverman: Hit
23:45’00” Discord Aggregate: Spin
23:50’02” Deeplab Audioscapes: Aquitane
23:55’40: Made Ambient: Quirijn s asleep

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